Meet Your MLA

Meet your MLA and ask them to ensure that the upcoming poverty reduction plan is Accountable, Bold and Comprehensive.

It’s easy, here are step-by-step instructions (it’s most effective to meet your MLA in person but, if you’re short on time, just send them an email !):

1. To join a group meeting, find your Community Champion in the map below ( or the list at the bottom of the page ) and email them. If you don’t see a champion in your community, please email us to volunteer for that role .

If you don’t know your local MLA, type your address in the email tool below .

2. If you don’t have a Community Champion in your riding, use the tool at the bottom of this page to email your MLA and directly request a meeting

3. Use these resources to help you focus on the issue:

4. Make sure to let us know how your meeting went ! Send us a photo with this poster in front of your MLA’s office (or with your MLA if they’re willing). You can also tell your local newspaper about your meeting with our easy Letter to the Editor tool .

5. It’s most effective to meet your MLA in person but, if you only have a moment, click here to email them (as well as key provincial political leaders) .

List of Community Champions: